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About Me

I’m Amy and this is Garett (and Diesel, the schnoodle who owns our hearts.) One of the best places to get to know a bit of me and my work is my blog,  but here’s a little more about just me and how I see the world through that lens.

I love good food, good wine, the outdoors and sharing it all with the people I love. I’ll travel anywhere new (destination weddings are a favorite!). I also love all things sparkly (Garett is always commenting about my distractibility by anything shiny).

Speaking of sparkle… see that sparkly image up there. Like way up there on the top. Gold and, well…. sparkly.  It’s a peacock feather.  And it has everything to do with why I’m here and why I love what I do.

On my way to one of the other million careers I thought was brilliant, I met this one dark, tall & handsome man. He snuck his way straight into my heart. And when we got married, we were surrounded by those bold, shiny feathers.  Now, when we pull out our wedding album we smile… really big. We do this because on that day we had two amazing photographers. They captured my wedding in a way that made reliving the day almost as good as experiencing it.

After that day, I decided this is it. Being with people during their brightest moments and capturing those memories for them in a beautiful way.This is what I want for each of my clients, a day they can relive again and again because of those moments that were captured in all of their rich detail.

Then, I thought, you know what, there are a million moments just as big as that wedding day, only they are hidden in the ordinary, daily tasks. Those moments I love capturing just as much. That time when a family can cherish just being together. I love to make that time stand still, so that those moments turn just as sparkly as the rest. Sitting on a park bench watching your kiddos play. Snuggling the one you love who shares this life with you. Those moments, although ordinary, are just as sparkling rich as your wedding day.

I would love to help you capture either moment and preserve the memories of such wonderful times in this thing we call life.
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